Eric and Rob met over a turkey sandwich and a meatball sub. For Rob, the deal was sealed when Eric looked up the closest Chipotle during one of their first dates sans prompting. For Eric, it was when Rob wrapped his half-finished burrito from said Chipotle and carried it around for an evening. They're used to New Yorkers' jaws dropping when they learn they're in an inter-borough relationship between Queens and Brooklyn. Eric still watches superhero cartoons, insists trailers are just as important as feature presentations, and still struggles with accepting that flight will always depend more on planes that sheer willpower. Rob's closest brush with "nerdom" is when he would watch Star Trek: TNG with his dad and brother growing up on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio. If he could have any superpower, it would be the ability to fly. Obviously.


Although Dylan Morgan wasn't lucky enough to really get into comics in elementary school or high school, he has seen and will continue to see everything he can watch in the Marvel Universe. Unlike Eric, this includes trailers, spoilers and fan theories.

While his favorite avenger is Captain America because of his strong character and ethical fortitude, Dylan's own ego is more like that of Tony Stark, for better or worse.

In Ultron, Dylan would like to see The Vision as much as the story allows and any possible connection to the upcoming Black Panther introduction.

Dylan's most recent embarrassment is eating a sandwich of out the kitchen garbage. To be fair, it was wrapped, named the "Joe Biden," and is the greatest sandwich in the world.

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